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The Omega DLC-35
Tubman's uses the state-of-the-art Omega DLC-35 Cleaning Machine. It exceeds all CSA specifications and ensures environmental protection by recycling its own solvent!

Surprisingly to some, no water is used in the process of drycleaning! Garments are cleaned in a mixture of Perchloroethylene (commonly known as "perc"), soap, and sizing. The lack of water is why clothes do not shrink during this process as it is the water that causes shrinkage! The entire process from start to finish is done in one machine (thus, no transferrance of wet clothes). After the clothes have been cleaned and dried, they are removed for pressing. Pressing is important as it activates the sizing to give garments that "new look, new feel"! The clothes are then bagged and put on the turnstile for pickup.

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